About Kara Howell


Kara Howell lives in Aurora, Colorado with her husband and five children. She homeschools  the four oldest kids. Her love for youth, the Bible, learning, and teaching are what prompted her to write The Chronicles of Kings and Dragons. She also enjoys playing the drums, riding horses, playing video games, photography, and reading.

She didn’t find her love for reading until after high school. For years she marveled at how authors come up with complex plot ideas and great characters.

In January of 2012, while reading a book to her children for school, she suddenly wondered if she could write a book. Well, first one must decide what to write about. Fantasy is a lot of fun, and there aren’t too many rules you can break, so the genre was decided. Then she remembered that she had just spent three years with her women’s Bible study pouring over 1st and 2nd Samuel, 1st and 2nd Kings, 1st and 2nd Chronicles and the minor prophets. Truthfully, all of those kings were still hard to keep track of, not to mention the divided nation and how the kingdoms intertwined. She found the Flasha people group (also known as Beta Israel) fascinating. Yes, she read about that while homeschooling too. Two days later she sat at her computer and started typing whatever came to mind. Thus, The Chronicles of Kings and Dragons series was born.

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