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Batholomew, A Test of Trust

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When Mew is abruptly transported from Girgarthon and sent on assignment in Flasha Mura, He has no idea what he just walked into. What he does know, is that Melek has created him to guard the other races and he is well equipped to do so. Now, he must find a way to get his new assignment, a Gisbon teen named Brehane, to trust him. If not, the young man may unnecessarily risk his life for the herd he loves.

The perfect opportunity arises for Mew to prove his ability to Brehane. Will it be enough to earn Brehane’s trust? Brehane must rely on Mew to defeat the ultimate test: the beast that can’t be seen or tracked. If Mew fails, Brehane’s life, and the lives of the inhabitants of Dogo are at stake.

Bartholomew, A Test of Trust is Mew’s perspective as he arrives and meets Brehane and his family for the first time in The Presence of Shadows.

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