The Presence of Shadows Release Date

The Presence of Shadows will be Released on April 15, 2014

  3D book cover of The Presence of Shadows This is the first book in The Chronicles of Kings and Dragons, a new Christian young adult fantasy series.

Enjoy the back cover.

In the land of Flasha Mura, a teenaged Gisbon boy is plagued by a monster he can’t see. No one knows what this beast is, but its ferocious appetite threatens to consume Brehane and his father’s herd, effectively ending his future before it has a chance to begin. He wants to face this menace on his own, but he needs help. Who will he trust? A new friend sent to protect him, Or Melek the God he believes in and thought he trusted. Will he let go of his dream so that he can find it? Brehane’s Uncle brings history alive as he recounts the dramatic events in the lives of kings and dragons. Every night he learns more about Melek and a nation called Yisra’el. In the histories; wars are lost and won, trolls taunt, dragons speak, miracles happen, fear grips hearts, good men choose defiance, kings become sorcerers, innocent life is lost, love is found, friendships forged, songs sung, evil relentlessly pursues, and caves shelter.

Come back on April 9th to read the first chapter for free!

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