Short Story Coming Soon

Exciting News!

A new short story will be coming soon. It’s tentatively called The Protector.

If you really liked Mew in The Presence of Shadows, then this story is for you.

Remember when Tesfa, Lakech and Zema summoned Mew with the mustering flag and horn? The Protector is Mew’s perspective as he arrives and meets the Gisbons for the first time. He has no idea what he just walked into and has to find a way to get Brehane to trust him. When the perfect opportunity arises, Mew proves his ability as a protector.

I’m working with the editor and once that is done, I’ll need people to read it and have a written review ready for publishing day. Will you be one of those reviewers?

I’ll post again when it’s ready to be reviewed and you can contact me if your interested in reviewing The Protector.

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