What’s Taking So Long?!

That’s a good question. Where is book two? When can we read it?

Hmm… I’d really like to know the answers too. Let’s see if I can explain to all of us why book two isn’t on the shelf yet.

It’s been three years since The Presence of Shadows hit the shelves. What?! It’s been that long! Where has the time gone? Let me see if I can break this down for you.

Right before I finished the first draft of The Presence of Shadows, way back in 2012, my husband got a wild hair and looked at our adoption agencies web site. (We had a daughter adopted from Korea.) He told me there was an eight month old baby boy who needed a family. Well, to make a two year story short, we adopted him. After two trips to Korea a month apart, Quinton came home. He was almost three years old. That put our kids ages at 16, 14,11,  9, and 3. Let’s just say that the adjustment to the addition of our adopted son took a while. I was not able to write at all for several months.

In the fall of 2013, my in-laws moved from North Carolina to Colorado and stayed with us while they looked for a place to buy. When it became clear that there was nothing in their price range, they moved in with us permanently. Thankfully in our basement we had a bed room for them, since Quinton wasn’t home yet. We also had most of the basement unfinished. The next seven months were filled with eight people eating together, sharing three bathrooms, and finishing the basement into an apartment. It really wasn’t that bad, just busy.

Since then, the kids have kept growing. When I wrote The Presence of Shadows, the older three kids were homeschooled, but doing most of their work on their own and our fourth was in a charter school. I have a few hours most days that I could spend writing. Since Quinton was coming home in the fall, during the school year, we brought our fourth child back to homeschooling.

I spent a bit of time after The Presence of Shadows reading books on writing to improve my craft and attempting to market my first book. Marketing is not for the faint of heart, and I’m already done with most of that mess. Learning how to market and sell my books in on my list of things to learn at a much later date.

Another reason book two is so long in coming is that writing is a hobby for me. It’s just one of many that I have. These are the things that I enjoy and that keep me sane-ish. Writing takes time and discipline. You can’t see it from the picture, but my computer is in what is technically our formal dining room. Since it’s never been used as such, we call it the school room. It’s the first room you enter when you come in our front door. I’m surrounded by four other computers, lots of noise and interruptions. I always have people talking around me or to me when I’m writing. Most of the time it doesn’t bother me, I can tune out most of the noise, but I’m less productive when little, and big people need me constantly.

I can’t believe that I almost forgot to tell you about a major event that occurred last year. I had this ready to post and then remembered. Dec. 2015 Our oldest daughter was engaged to her longtime friend. Most of 2016 was spent planning a wedding, and celebrating. We had a number of big birthdays to celebrate. Our eldest not only got ready to be married but also graduated from high school. I spent a lot of time spray painting decorations. We also crocheted hundreds of tiny flowers, butterflies, and hearts for wedding decorations and gifts for the guests. The wedding was beautiful. Then in Dec. our daughter moved to Japan with her husband and we had another huge family transition.

So, where does book two stand? I still have the desire to keep writing and am happy and surprised by the turns that this book has taken. I still enjoy writing and do want to publish this book, but…I have no idea when that is even possible. I’m still writing the first draft. Rally? Yes, really. For the most part, I know where it’s going, getting it on the screen is another matter.

So why am I writing this blog post you ask? Well, it was brought to my attention that my website is stagnant. I’m paying for it every year, so it makes sense to do something with it. I also get annoyed when I visit a blog or website and see that there hasn’t been a post in a long time. Talk about hypocritical. So here is my attempt to post something. That also means less time writing book two. Sigh. It’s a vicious cycle. Someday. Someday! SOMEDAY, it will happen.



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